Our commitment
to your health

Safety at Lapa Lopa

In a perfect world a clean, healthy home is the simplest measure of well-being. Lapa Lopa may be the easiest path to a perfect world.

Lapa Lopa is best known for its targeted Surface Clean service that cleans high-use surfaces in the kitchen and bath, and includes light dusting, floors and trash carry out.

As always, Lapa Lopa cleaning pros wear gloves—and now face masks and shoe coverings. Sanitization is an indisputable way to control viruses and bacteria. Our sanitizing level of clean incorporates anti-microbial spray and the wipe down of high-touch surfaces like doorknobs, light switches and all cabinet and appliance handles. A clean, healthy home means peace of mind. Lapa Lopa delivers care-free living at an affordable price—without a contract.