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A letter from Lapa Lopa president and founder

June 2020

Lapa Lopa has percolated in the minds of apartment professionals for decades. The concept? Create an attractive eco system of services for apartment dwellers.

Having been in the multifamily (apartment) industry for decades, Lapa Lopa’s founders bring a specialized knowledge of apartment operations as owners, operators and suppliers. Seeking to strengthen the industry, we wondered how to provide greater value to residents, while addressing the inherent challenges and logistics of the apartment community. Could we create a platform that delivered cleaning services, for example, at a value-based price?

It was clear that the time to meet this challenge had come. The convergence of smartphones, apps, and the rise of gig labor created the perfect eco system of digital communication, available workers and apartment logistics. The Lapa Lopa platform created an entirely new standard of convenience. A smartphone app that could schedule an apartment cleaning and reinvent the experience using modern UI that simply communicates expectations, with particular emphasis on key workflows to make it easy for cleaners to be successful. On the operations side, cleaners could be scheduled by unit and time quadrants for optimal efficiency. Suddenly, this platform created a new market that was, heretofore, untouched by other cleaning services. Traditional cleaning services focus on the more established single-family home cleaning market meaning that apartments were not serviced or the price of service by the square foot was prohibitive.

Lapa Lopa is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Untapped markets are hard to find. The knowledge needed to navigate apartments, often with high-barrier access would be challenging without inside-the-industry knowledge. Lopa Lopa brings together all the data points needed to bridge this gap, on a digital platform that makes the once impossible, possible: Affordable cleaning for apartments.

Certain attributes have made Lapa Lopa a successful startup: entrepreneurism, ingenuity and intimate knowledge of apartment operations. But the true ingenuity of the business model—systematized, quadrant-based algorithms that create high-level efficiency drive the operation and deliver optimal success.

In its short history, Lapa Lopa has already attracted hundreds of customers in one of the most active metros in the nation: Washington, D.C. After careful research and analysis, the company has targeted other metros with favorable metrics and startups of operations in these areas are being finalized. As we grow our customer base and team, we have also expanded our investor pool with an eye to those with multifamily knowledge and expertise.

Lapa Lopa is just beginning to reshape the apartment business for the better. We’re improving as a stronger and more cohesive management team, which lends itself to a company culture that rewards teamwork and encourages cleaners to commit long-term.

Lapa Lopa will always choose the happiness and loyalty of our customers over transactional growth. We believe in short-term financial sacrifices where there are obvious long-term benefits.

Our platform is engineered for scale and growth. Our network spans hundreds of customers on the first platform of its kind, bringing together apartment residents and cleaners. Our engineering and product teams continually solve new challenges as we merge the physical and digital worlds.

Lapa Lopa was born of a desire to serve communities according to a higher standard. Good service. Fair price. And attractive work for the 3 types of cleaners: internal employees, individual cleaners, and cleaning companies. We commit to continuing the culture of ingenuity that created the platform. And the passion that got us here will continue to drive us.

Howard Behr

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