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Opportunity to grow business

Become a Lapa Lopa company partner and move beyond basic house cleaning service with our apartments-only approach. Focusing on apartment home cleaning allows us to group scheduled cleanings based on location, so your cleaners will spend more time earning and less time travelling between cleaning jobs.

Are you an individual cleaner? Become a Lapa Lopa cleaning partner.

Our difference


We know apartments and technology. We use that knowledge to market to residents, followed by automating the scheduling process, and much more. We focus on apartment communities large enough to get a number of units to clean.

Set availability

You control the schedule. Tell us how many people can work each day for AM and/or PM blocks.

Efficient scheduling

By just working with apartments, they are grouped together to keep the cleaners in the same or nearby buildings for the entire day.

How much you make

Assuming full day work for a single cleaner, your company will make $500 – $1000 per week.

Payments are based on factors starting with number of units and including number of bathrooms, grouping by floor, if all units are in same building, and cleaner rating.

How it works

What gets cleaned

Focused clean of the kitchen and bathroom(s) along with light dusting, vacuum and/or mop floors, and emptying of the trash in the rest of the apartment.

The Lapa Lopa app

Cleaners use the Lapa Lopa app to see their schedule and to get into the units. The app is also how customers sign up for the service.

Accept blocks

Blocks have set windows:
AM (8am-1pm) or PM (12noon-5pm).

Lapa Lopa offers your company a number of blocks, typically 5 business days in advance, with the payment amount. Once you accept blocks, you decide which of your cleaner(s) gets assigned the work.

Neighbor expectations

Some tips to succeed

From the Neighbor feedback we’ve collected, here are some tips to good ratings:

  • Make sure surfaces and floors are dirt, debris, spot, and dust free.
  • Leave floors streak free and not sticky.
  • Arrive within the given time window.
  • Stick to the standard service. Every time. No more, no less.

Get ready to start

A few simple steps

Sign up of your company

Simple sign up via website by providing company name, key contact info, and EIN.

Complete your sign up

Accept the Service Provider agreement, provide banking info to get paid, and give access to scheduler(s) and cleaners.

Invite cleaners

Each cleaner will need to download the Lapa Lopa app and pass background check.

Questions? Contact us at cleaning@lapalopa.com

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