Clean Prep Guide

How to create a
better cleaning canvas

Lapa Lopa Clean Prep Guide

Picking up a few items & moving others out of the way will allow your cleaner to focus on vanquishing dirt and grime! Printable PDF Version

What gets cleaned?
How to Prep?


Pick up all the big stuff: bowls, pizza boxes, shoes, yesterday’s gym clothes, mail, papers, etc.
From the bathroom floor: towels, magazines, clothes.


Leave empty bag(s) on the kitchen counter if you want your cleaner to put in new bags after the trash is taken out.

Kitchen counter(s)

Put away anything that doesn’t NEED to be on the counter(s).

Kitchen sink

Empty the sink.


Fridge: temporarily relocate any mementos/notices/menus/schedules/magnet collection from the front of the fridge.
Oven: remove any towels/pot holders/ dish rags.


Clear the stovetop of anything that doesn’t NEED to be there.

Microwave (if applicable)

Make sure that the only thing in the microwave is the rotating thing & whatever grime needs to be vanquished.

Bathroom countertop

Less is more—temporarily relocate as much of your stuff as possible.


Remove hanging things (towels, clothes).
Organize personal items (products, rubber ducky, razors, etc.) neatly along the edge of the tub/shower