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Interested in a cleaning job?

As a Lapa Lopa cleaning partner, you can enjoy more flexibility in your work schedule and the opportunity to earn bonus payments. Different than your typical maid service or cleaning company, we focus entirely on apartment buildings and schedule based on location, so you’ll spend more time earning and less time traveling between cleanings.

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Our Difference

Travel Less

We only schedule apartments, grouping them together so blocks are efficient, keeping you in the same or nearby buildings. This means less travel for you.

Not all blocks are created equal. Payments are based on factors including: number of bathrooms, grouping by floor, if all units are on the same building, contractor rating, and length of time working with Lapa Lopa.

Set Schedule Via Our App

You’re in control of your schedule. It can be a regular availability or pick a few days here and there.

Once you’ve set your schedule – we send you blocks that match your availability. You’ll have 24 hours to accept the ones you want to work and reject the ones you don’t.

How it Works

We Provide the Neighbors

Our Neighbors sign up for clean kitchens and bathrooms plus dusting and cleaned floors throughout their place.

Partner Requirements:

Must have a passion for providing great cleanings

Must pay extra attention to detail

Must be able to pass background check

Keep Your Independence

Lapa Lopa doesn’t employ our Cleaning Partners. We connect these independent contract professionals with customers.

What Gets Cleaned

Focused cleaning of the kitchen and bathroom(s) along with light dusting, vacuuming and/or mopping floors, and emptying of the trash in the rest of the apartment.

Neighbor Expectations

Some Tips to Success

From the Neighbor feedback we’ve collected, here are some tips to good ratings:

  • – Make sure surfaces and floors are dirt, debris, spot, and dust free.
  • – Leave floors streak free and not sticky.
  • – Arrive within the given time window.
  • – Stick to the Standard Service. Every time. No more, no less.

Ready to Get Started

A Few Simple Steps


We’ll ask for some basic details and run a background check (at no cost to you).

After passing the background check, accept the Service Provider agreement and tell us when you want to work and how to pay you.


When ready to start cleaning, we’ll offer you blocks that match your availability.

Accept the ones you want, reject the ones you don’t.

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