Our Mission
is Simple

Be useful to our
Neighbors & Partners

Connect to Better Living

Founded in 2018, we do this through technology-enabled services and tools that provide a radically improved experience, without sacrificing quality or trust. Our primary focus on multifamily (apartment) communities allows us to improve life for our neighbors at a fair price and provide living wages for our service partners.

Our Core Values

Be Useful

It all starts and ends with the neighbor and we can’t serve the neighbor without our service partners. That’s why our technology and services are designed to help both neighbor and partner.

Be Curious & Learn

We create an environment of continuous learning, professionally and personally, and use that gained knowledge to create better solutions for our neighbors and partners.

What You See is What You Get

We’re transparent in what we do, including how we handle privacy protection. We do this because we’re more comfortable working with people we trust, and we think our colleagues, partners, and neighbors are too.

Lazy is Efficient

We take the simplest path whenever possible and always look for ways to make processes run smoother while still delivering high quality to our neighbors and partners.

Play Nice in the Sandbox

Yes, we’re transparent and efficient. That’s not a license to be mean or disrespectful. It means that we’re even more responsible for being respectful to our colleagues, partners, and neighbors.


Howard has spent 20+ years driving organizational growth and change through revenue and product management. After earning his Wharton MBA, he led multiple business areas at NWP Services Corp. and RealPage (NASDAQ: RP). Early in his career, he led market strategy projects at an international consulting firm in Washington, DC. Howard also served in the Peace Corps in Haiti and Uruguay and has a passion for sports that reaches peak excitement when he watches his kids play, as long as they aren’t jousting against each other.

Brooks brings over 15 years of operations, marketing and leadership experience lending her expertise across multiple industries of various sizes and at varying stages of growth. She earned her MBA at SMU and has an undergraduate mechanical engineering degree from Texas A&M. Brooks enjoys handicrafts and gardening, but not at the same time since that incident in Poughkeepsie.