The most common answer is bi-weekly. Whether you do chores on Saturday or complete one a day throughout the week, most apartment dwellers sweep and mop, vacuum, clean the bathroom and dust on a two-week rotation. The ideal situation is a bi-weekly professional cleaning, leaving only minor cleaning for the resident.

What’s your budget?

The size of your apartment determines the cost of each cleaning. There are no contracts. You are free to cancel at any time. But that rarely happens because it’s so easy to fill the time added to your schedule when Lapa Lopa handles the cleaning. For instance, if your work week is 50 hours or more a week, your free time might be a precious commodity. Professional cleanings are the most appropriate option.

How clean do you like your apartment?

If you find yourself short on time to clean, always needing to put if off in order to meet other obligations or priorities or are rarely satisfied with the state of your kitchen and bathrooms, it might be time to hire a professional cleaner.

Apartment living, after all, is designed for optimized freedom, prioritizing activities other than home upkeep. Cleaning services, already a part of hotel and luxury apartment living, are a normal extension of apartment living.